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So I was at Target and…

So my mom wanted to hang with me some today and needed my help on getting some stuff. So we went over and as we were leaving I noticed a Tortoise just walking outside with it’s owner and said, “oh the moments I wish I had my camera on me.” So she let me use her iPod touch for the moment and I got it. I’m happy for now.


From the Depths I Come

alright, this week I had some good ones, yay, but like everyweek there can be only one, and that one is Brian with

I, for one, welcome our new burger overlords.

and now I want to know where the hell that is from? I know I heard it from some show or movie I’ve watched but can’t figure it out… ugh. anywho, this turtle has come up for something… you tell me.

Teenage Mutant Ninja… Koopa? 0

Teenage Mutant Ninja… Koopa?

the idea behind this was to make some kind of turtle like creature that was a mix of ninja turtle and the koopa from the mario games. still trying to figure out the over all look I want for it, but this works for now.