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Vampire (REDUX) 1

Vampire (REDUX)

So first off, it might be a little while till I have my photos up from vegas, I just found out about this contest HP is doing that I plan on winning, and I have till sunday. I haven’t recorded the video yet because I can’t get the situation I want set up as I want it too, but in the mean time I’ve been working on other things for my video that I want to add in it… and this is one of them, the vampire.

just need to finish up one more drawing and edit a photo or two and then I can just take care of the rest, to bad I might be taking care of some other unrelated stuff during that time.

The Vampire 0

The Vampire

These days when people think vampire they think what they say in the movie twilight, but besides that there have been all kinds of different versions of vampires in the past. I made mine to be a mix and match with what I like and maybe add a thing or to thats new.

what I wanted it to have wings, and that was the most annoying part to draw really, and also add claws, tail, and horns. I also wanted it to still be very human like.