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Occupy LA Oct ’11

Photos up. alright. first of all, local news story link.

Alright, story time now. I went down with a friend to the meeting point at Pershing Square where everyone was gathering. Some of the event planners spoke and let us know the rules and how to make everything safe and fun for everyone and what not to do, yeah, boring stuff. Then we walked over to City Hall and hung around the place. With no surprise there were conspiracy nuts there that believe the CIA is after them, the Illuminati is behind everything and Alex Jones is the wisest person in the world. Little do they know. I also had someone accuse me of being part of the “system” little does she know, that in a sense we are all a part of the system.

But over all I met a lot of great people, smart, funny, and over all entertaining. And many people are still there camping out but for who knows how long? so I’ll be back when I have time and hang with everyone again.

Free Mandela!

Occupy Los Angeles: UPDATE: New Image 0

Occupy Los Angeles: UPDATE: New Image

Now I’m sure most people have heard about the events going on in New York called Occupy Wall Street and it is now coming to Los Angeles. Seems a lot of people are upset about the people on Wall Street that in my option don’t really do anything useful for everyone yet make so much money. Now I would make my own flyer for the event but it seems someone else did and I have to say it looks good so I’ll go with it.

And one little tip, bring milk incase anyone is hit with pepper spray. I know what it’s like and it is painful. And incase anyone wants to ask the guy that hit me with it was charged with assault. thats all the info I know on the case.

The rest of theinfo needed is on the flyer already so I don’t need to post anything else on it. Now go out and have some fun, Oct 1st