Occupy Los Angeles: UPDATE: New Image

Now I’m sure most people have heard about the events going on in New York called Occupy Wall Street and it is now coming to Los Angeles. Seems a lot of people are upset about the people on Wall Street that in my option don’t really do anything useful for everyone yet make so much money. Now I would make my own flyer for the event but it seems someone else did and I have to say it looks good so I’ll go with it.

And one little tip, bring milk incase anyone is hit with pepper spray. I know what it’s like and it is painful. And incase anyone wants to ask the guy that hit me with it was charged with assault. thats all the info I know on the case.

The rest of theinfo needed is on the flyer already so I don’t need to post anything else on it. Now go out and have some fun, Oct 1st

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