That’s Creepy

Remember recently when I made a post about a segment on John Oliver’s show about Data Brokers? It all started off with a friend making a post on her page, which I saw on my feed.

It’s about a bakery in Pennsylvania claiming to have some of the best cookies in the area. But the kicker the name of the village. That’s right, Intercourse, so let your inner teenager have some good laughs because mine sure did.

So I left a comment about how I knew about that, and a link to where I learned it from, a TV show called, How the States Got Their Shapes. And there was a couple of funny comments from other people. And in one part of the show they got shots of this sign with the name of the village that you know the camera people and editors thought was too funny not to include, displaying for the name of the place.

And that of another sign to get your inner teenager giggling, Blue Ball! Oh yeah, you know it’s hard to contain yourself after that too.

Which then comes to the final image that showed up on my facebook feed… Dude, what the hell?

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