thats something I might have to fix

so as I posted before… then deleted, google took out my ads from the site because someone was clicking on ads like crazy. I was very pissy about it because I just hit the thresh hold to get a check sent to me and then all gone. fuck. I sent them a message about it and have never heard back. Its beautiful because its like this conspiracy against me to keep me from making money, a person needs to survive you know and it sucks when no one bothers to give you a chance or bails for no reason.

but any who added something new, this adbrite which seems ok to me, I have my banner ad up but it also seems to mark some keywords and turns that into ads which is something I didn’t really want because to me it seems messy. I guess I have to look into the code which I hate doing and see if I can do anything about that, If not then at least its kind of spread out.

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  1. Andrew says:

    Why was the money you were about to make all gone?

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