The Assassination of Payton Hobart

Well yesterday was a long and tiring day that prevented me from posting anything. But I’m back, and awake. Ever heard of the show, The Politician? Well I was on set for that. I watched through it but didn’t really catch my interest to much, but I know others liked it a lot. But I do have to admit there was some funny things that happened. I was there for two different scenes, The first involved a reenactment with Reagan from when he was in office. I was off to the side watching as everything was going down so I never really had the chance to be on camera.

The next was related to Ford, which was cut from the final product. Sigh. I spent a a large part of 10 years in highly uncomfortable shoes, and nothing on the broadcast to show for it. I also had a wig on for the first part. That was exciting at first, then because very painful. I don’t know how my friends that wear wigs in their cosplay do it. Well, that’s the background actor life.

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