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That awkward moment when you are on a ride with your booty sticking up in the air, at a county fair in Texas and it turns out you are on the FOX TV show, 9-1-1 Lone Star. This was a two day shoot (one was an all night, starting the next evening), and there were things that happened that had me laughing pretty hard.

You can see one the opening scene (that I’m in) here on youtube. Watching that port-a-potty launch in the air was amazing, I felt like I was watching a tardis take off. I was also there for the frogs. There were canons going on shooting fake frogs in the air. When I heard the first one go off I remember ducking, then looking over and realizing what was going on, so while running in panic I was also laughing. You also had to be careful walking around in some spots because there was a lot of mud during the rain scene and one wrong move you slipped. I believe I had one guy tell me that happened to him on accident. Anyways, despite the very long day, then night I had a good time.

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