The Pain is Real

Staying it most of the time sucks and I’m going to keep complaining. So many events I had planned has been pushed back or canceled because of the corona virus. Which I learned how they got their name form here. So many events missed out on because of the outbreak. At the beginning of the month I was supposed to cover the Pillow Fight. Iw as the led person for it, but i had to cancel it. The next weekend was Wondercon, also canceled. Then last weekend was going to be Anime Pasadena, which as of now has been pushed back to thanksgiving weekend.

I had many other events in the plan to take part of. I was looking forward to Ru Paul’s Dragcon, Hollywood Carnival, 4 or 5 different pride events, Anime Expo. I guess this is for the best for now, because I really don’t want to pass this around. I’ll be fine, but not sure who around me would be. We can do this.

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