WAD Oct ’23 – Twisted Nightmare – Set 2

Photos from the second match, but, it’s just half of the photos form this match because there are so many I just had to split this one up. Now if you are wondering, why are there so many photos? It’s because they are action shots, and my camera can take them in volleys. And it looks cooler when you can see each small movement with the stills. Anyways, this match was between Wicked Wickett and Veinom Guerrero

The first time I took photos at any kind of sporting or game event was at my school taking journalism there. I covered football, baseball, basketball, volleyball. Sadly many of those old photos are gone, and believe I lost some during a file transfer and others when my old external drive got dropped. And with the camera I had at the time was a Canon Rebel XT, which was able to fire 3 photos in one second. The camera I have now can do 7.

Anyways, I’ll be in West Hollywood tonight for Halloween and should have those photos up sometime before the week is over.

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