WeHo Halloween ’15 – Photos

After I was day with day 2 at Comikaze, I headed to West Hollywood. It was a rather long trip getting over there by metro, and would be nice if there was some kind of subway line going in that direction, but, that’s for another day. I got off the bus about a mile away from the event and walked the rest of the way. I do believe I got to see a lot of things, and like every year, had a mass of people and in some places it was hard to move around because of the crowds. And with luck, it did rain this year like did the last.

After being there for, I want to say at least a few hours, I headed out because after the con, and this giant party, my feet were in so much pain. Plus, I was going back to the convention in the morning. Yet while on my way back, I got on the bus to the red line, found some more people in costume and took more photos. Then got more people on the red line and on my last stretch back to my place.

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