WeHo Halloween ’19 – Video

While there, I had a few people ask me where photos I’ve taken of them will be. On this site of course, and my Facebook page so they can tag themselves, but let them know it might be a little while till they are online because I still don’t have a computer to work on my photos with. I was hoping to get it, soonish, but something came up and had to use much of that money I had saved up for something else.

So if you wish to help a brother out, I do have paypal at my email, thesteelshark@gmail.com. I also have Ko-Fi, and I’m on the Cash app. That would mean a lot to me because not being able to do anything is kind of driving me crazy. But as of now, here is a short video from that night, to give an idea of what it looks like to these who have never been.

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