WeHo Halloween ’23 – Set 3

Last set of photos form the night. I said there was going to be a lot. I went down with a friend who was going as Freddy Krueger.

I was going as a Taco, and I got to say that costume has a weird power to it. I was coming up with all kinds of pick up lines based on my outfit, like when some would ask what kind of taco I am I would say “any kind you want, babe.” And other lines like “I’ll fill you up” or “I’m more than a snack, I’m a whole meal.” Everyone was of course laughing, and most of the time I said out loud, “my god these lines are terrible.” But they understood I was making jokes.

But over all I’m very happy with that night. I had a good time, got to take over the street again, and this has to be one of my best years there.

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