Well that Plan is a Bust

I had planned on going down to San Diego today to take part of the Pride parade down there tomorrow morning, and maybe hang out for a little while and head back to my place in the evening. But early this morning my dog got attacked by a raccoon so he had to goto the vet. I decided to not to go down so I can take care of him. The plan was to join in the parade with PFLAG, and they just asked for anyone joining to dress up in as many rainbow colors as they can, and this was going to be my get up.

My RED rollerblades and spiderman socks, my BLUE newgrounds shirt with YELLOW and ORANGE on the logo, a GREEN long sleeve shirt tied around my waist and some PURPLE cloth I got at LA pride 2 years ago when I was with NOH8.

So if anyone of you are in the area and what to join the parade with them, you know what to do.

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