Women’s Right’s Rally – Hollywood ’12

Alright, got these online a little later than I wanted. So here is the story, I got there before 1pm which is when the event was starting and pretty much the forces where all gathering in front of HGB, or one of the scientology buildings on Hollywood. I started off with some people giving speeches on some crappy thing they have seen or had happen to them and why they decided to join the cause. At one point there was some guy shouting out something strange and some other one come up to him saying, “dude, claim down” and was pushed. Then he ran off, seemed like some random douchebag.

Anywho, it took over an hour but then we finally started walking… YES! slowly… ugh. We headed towards Highland but not before heading down to Sunset and walked on that street shortly, then we ended up in front of the… Kodak Theatre, or, wait, thats right it’s not called that anymore, now it’s the Dolby Theatre… and we really just hung around there for a bit and cleaned up. After that we put everything they needed in this truck they had and a bunch of people claim on the bed (along with myself) and we rode all the way back to Hollywood and Vine because some people parked their cars over there. That had to of been the more exciting part of the rally, and by far entertaining.

So, did somebody say Free Pussy Riot?

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