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Archive for the ‘Stand Alone’ Category

I wonder if anything lives in that, like a humming bird. Because that’s all that I can think of that might fit in there, other then some small invertebrates.

Or Richard. You know, I always wondered how you can get the word, dick, from Richard. I never really understood that.

With a whole lot of plant life. And most likely all kind of animals, fungus, and any number of single cellular organisms flocking about without the viewing area of this photo.

It’s so colorful… it’s amazing.

Because she’s dangerous. And it’s what I like.

Another shot from my hike around Murphy Ranch. I think it’s nice that even thought you are in the mountains and the trees, you can still see the city.

Found while hanging around Murphys Ranch.

Every month when the GF and I goto the harajuku meet up, we like to see what interesting new graffiti is around the Arts District, and I of course take photos of her with it. Because I really do enjoy taking photos of her.

I’m used to seeing them with stuff hanging them, but never seen one before that grew like this.

Another month, another meet up.