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Archive for the ‘Stand Alone’ Category

Never fails, goto a parade anywhere in LA, or likely, just anywhere, and you’ll find religious people there with their signs and preaching. I remember hearing chants from them talking about how man is destined to die, and talked about Jesus for course. Sigh…

I know I posted a photo of this before, but was at a different angle. At least, I’m pretty sure this is a different angle from what I posted before. Looking through some older photos I saw this again and remembered how cool it looked at the time.

We found this by the Grammy museum in downtown, and I know she likes to get photos of herself with his wings, and we pulled it off.

Yeah, I went there.

Is small and on the street corner. I was over by Pershing Square and saw this small group of people doing some kind of rally. Seem like more far left wing people.

I was talking to one guy and telling him how I’ve tricked some people to condemn a quote from Adam Smith, the father of capitalism, talking about how the rich should contribute to the expense and been called a socialist because of it. Then ask them why they hate capitalism. He enjoyed that.

The Super Bowl is on, next week, and I’ll likely not pay much attention to the game and just be on the computer the whole time. But in the mean time, another old football photo of mine. During practice in Moorpark.

The Super Bowl is coming in less then 2 weeks. One of the teams playing is an LA team, The Rams. Pretty sure I won’t pay much attention to the game as it’s playing. I don’t care much for sports unless I’m actually at a game, because it’s way more fun that way.

So for now, here is one of my old football photos taken between Moorpark and Mt SAC.

Another from our adventure at LACMA.

While at an event recently, I found myself looking at what I found to be quite an amazing view of Santa Monica Blvd.

Another neat thing we saw in Melrose. From a distance you aren’t sure what the rainbow is made from and when you got up to it you see, yarn.