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Archive for the ‘Stand Alone’ Category

Wait, what did the algorithm do?

While at LACMA we did a little shoot among the light posts. Stand another way and add some color.

Coming around the post, seeing you, doing things, questionable things.

Come, come, my lady.

So much going on is this dark space with a single color made into shapes of it all.

My Cyber goth woman leading the way. You know a reckoning is coming.

Old photo, from when I was at some beach, years ago. Wow, that’s really old. Since SantaCon has ended, Mainly what I’m waiting for is for the year to end. There really isn’t much I can do for now but wait. I look forward to the new year.

When you are riding along and you see this well lit set up that includes deer, doing, oh my…

Well, technically, from where this photo was taken, it’s more so the guy who threw the football’s house. In a matter of speaking.

Old softball photo from Moorpark. I’m kind of lacking lately, but the month is almost over, finally. I’m just waiting for santacon really.