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Every time there is news of something totally messed up that happens, effecting so many people in such a wrong way. Of course you are going to get a response from some people talking about how their, “thoughts are prayers are with you” and over and over they keep saying the same thing. Honestly, I don’t think these people care, that just want to make themselves look sincere, meanwhile their works mean nothing. Eventually their faces start to look very punchable.

When someone posts an image or article of something that was released some time ago, or an image saying “I still want to think the 90’s where 10 years ago.” Makes me sad knowing how long ago that was. I was just a kid at the time when all this was happening and think to yourself is, how did time go by like this? But what can you do anyways? jump in the fountain of youth?

I had a request make from a friend to turn him into some communist like dictator for some fake propaganda poster. Been a while since I did something crazy with illustrator, though I don’t consider this crazy, it’s a start for now.

What is wrong with some people? I don’t like it when people make some kind comparison to someone they don’t like to Hitler, because most of the time it’s some kind of over exaggeration. But the way this man is talking and how fanatical his followers are is problematic. We even have neo-nazis showing support.

With Paris fresh in the minds of many, there are people who continue to talk about how all, or most terrorists are muslim, and these claims come from the same people that just hate on them anyways. Though I don’t agree with islam, I know there are at least more then plenty that follow it who are good people, and they will have your back if the time is needed to. There are muslims that will stand up against their extremists, just like how there are christians that will stand up against theirs, and other people will do the same with their own.

Unfortunately there are those who will call others fake, which I can’t do personally, because I can be rude to people that bully and harass others out of their own sense of superiority, but to call another fake for what they believe they are, is at another type of level to me which I don’t want to go for. What i’ve heard that most from are christians, and I’ve had to tell some of those people a number of time, those who call you fake, will do the something with you.

We all know of this situation going on right now, especially after the attack in Paris. There has been news about a refugee crisis coming out of Syria for awhile, and I learned about it earlier this year after the story of a small kid was washed up on a beach. This is a problem I do believe we are in part the reason of happening. Sadly, there is all kind of fear mongering happening again of people trying to leave their homeland that has been demolished and just want to have a better life else where, to be happy.  [ Read More ]

I’m sure everyone has heard about her in the news, and seen the memes.

I would say I’m amazed at the level of deception some people will goto just to fuel hatred of others over what I’m sure are little things they don’t like about them, but I’m not. This isn’t the first time I’ve seen this claim being made, and have provided a link to snopes before, and other places showing it’s a compete lie, but some people are so focused in believing in what they want to. Personally I would like to believe I everyone in general is by nature good person, but know for a fact there is no truth to that because I have seen such willing cruelty from others because they just care about their own self interest or have been trained to believe what they are doing is the right thing. Plus, there are times I can be kind of mean for my own entertainment, so I would say that also discounts me. But hey, at least I try to be honest.

Far to often from some people which is why I have trouble trusting some others when they show so much concern for an issue, or try way to hard trying to prove themselves because I feel they have some other kind of sinister intent. I on the other hand let my intent be known, because I don’t care. Much of it being to bring attention to myself… much like yesterday. Yeah, I know, but come on, you got to do what you can to make it. And i’m sure they wouldn’t care because it would of been kind of cross promotion deal anyways.

But over all, the reason hearing these people talk about the issue so much has me worried because I wonder if any of them involve themselves in such acts? There has been a history of those that cry out about gay people that end up being caught with another guy. And those like the church where some of their leaders have been found being involved in pedophila, and I’m not just talking about catholic.

I’m sure many of you have heard the story. But yeah, I tried drawing him by hand, and then using live trace, then adding the little fixes but I was becoming to annoyed with that so I left it where it was at. Then added the beating it.