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Archive for the ‘Drawings’ Category

Awhile ago I posted about how I believe the new logo for the republican party should be of some kind of Crocodilia. The reason is because I would watch those involved with the party mindless attack everyone, while seemingly eating their own. Found it kind of disturbing. From watching many republicans in congress keep taking the side of Trump, despite all the stupidly he is taking part of that I keep seeing almost everyday, and so few are actually speaking out against it.

If you ask me, they are spineless. Which comes to why I believe now the logo for the party should be that of, a tapeworm, because no one likes it, and don’t nothing but feed off it’s host.

When I heard he died, all I could think of was the Chappelle’s Show sketch about Rick James, where Chappelle was going as James and kept calling Murphy, Darkness. Always laughed pretty hard on that.

I wanted to make something on that so I did this quick drawing.

Came across the first photo today, and knew it looked suspect. Then found the other one. As I let everyone know, politically I do lean more left, but I don’t like when false info gets spread around about anyone.

I come across such a claim now and then, and the thing is, it’s not true. I’m often said myself I don’t favor any religion, but wouldn’t never deny the right to believe from another person. I’ve also said before when it comes to fundamentalist muslims, I will treat them the same way as I do with fundamentalist christians.

So I came across this story, and was disturbed by the fact people were cheering the idea of such a thing. I understand blocking the road is stupid, thought it does bring attention to a cause easier, but to excuse injuring or killing people. Meanwhile, these same people get upset when another person rams into a crowd for their own selfishness. I understand, different situation, but still wrong on both cases.

I do remember this kind of talk before the election, and even Trump himself said he will only accept the outcome if he wins. What kind of person says that? I feel bad for the people who voted for him, believe he has them in his best interest when watching his behavior after all this time, and what else I’ve learned about the guy, I really don’t think so. And with the people he is selecting to be in his cabinet this is getting worse then I though. I know he’s talked to Romney, which I really hope that doesn’t happen, because then I will look at that epic meeting we had with sadness.

It is known for both major political parties their logo is of some kind of animal. The Democratic party uses a donkey. The reason I understand has to do with Jackson who was often called a jackass for his stubbornness. Liked it so much he adopted it into the party logo. As for the Republican party, well, I didn’t know, till just now after looking it up, and I find the story kind of interesting.

But something I’ve noticed in the past few years is a lot of infighting with the republican party, and I started thinking to myself about how I don’t think the party animal shouldn’t be the elephant anymore. This is where I started to say it needs to be changed into some kind of Crocodilia, perhaps an alligator since they do live in the americas, and are mostly in the south as the party tends to be more dominant. But why I think it should be changed to such an animal is because crocodilians seem to mindless attack, and even have a willingness to even eat their own. With the rise of Trump and more infighting happening, this reenforces the idea to me. But it seems there is going to be some kind of split, the new party, the party of Trump should take this as their animal, because I believe it describes them well. Mindless attacking, and eating their own if they have to.

I worry.

For years, I’ve always heard from people with a more conservative point of view that Obama was going to take their guns. And in his nearly 8 years in office, That’s never happened. So the fear mongering keeps going and now these people claim Hillary is going to do exactly that. Well, for now on, any one that supports Trump, no longer has the right to cry about that.

Now and then when I’m working on something aimed at a general audience, I like to show a preview of the current project, and ask if there is any ideas someone might have or little fixes I should do. Now, I appreciate that people like it, but I also want to improve it. Make sure I don’t miss something I could have done before and only be annoyed with myself for not pulling it off when the chance was there.

While watching a Full Frontal segment, Samantha Bee called Trump, a Screaming Carrot Demon. I laughed way to hard. The segment had to do with the NRA being not only useless but pricks for not seeming to care about the wrong kind of people having the ability to get a gun. Since then I have been calling Trump, just that and most people seem to like it a lot. Been wanting to draw it out, and I kept on forgetting about it or been up to other things. I also felt like using color pencil so I found my old set of them and had at it. And since Trump likes to insult everyone, while has also demanded apologies from people that do the same to him, why not?