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For years, I’ve always heard from people with a more conservative point of view that Obama was going to take their guns. And in his nearly 8 years in office, That’s never happened. So the fear mongering keeps going and now these people claim Hillary is going to do exactly that. Well, for now on, any one that supports Trump, no longer has the right to cry about that.

Now and then when I’m working on something aimed at a general audience, I like to show a preview of the current project, and ask if there is any ideas someone might have or little fixes I should do. Now, I appreciate that people like it, but I also want to improve it. Make sure I don’t miss something I could have done before and only be annoyed with myself for not pulling it off when the chance was there.

While watching a Full Frontal segment, Samantha Bee called Trump, a Screaming Carrot Demon. I laughed way to hard. The segment had to do with the NRA being not only useless but pricks for not seeming to care about the wrong kind of people having the ability to get a gun. Since then I have been calling Trump, just that and most people seem to like it a lot. Been wanting to draw it out, and I kept on forgetting about it or been up to other things. I also felt like using color pencil so I found my old set of them and had at it. And since Trump likes to insult everyone, while has also demanded apologies from people that do the same to him, why not?

First you want guns to be used, then you say don’t have one with cops, but before it all you encourage shooting at law enforcement? More so when defending a guy that was in fact breaking the law? what in the hell is going on here?

Every time there is news of something totally messed up that happens, effecting so many people in such a wrong way. Of course you are going to get a response from some people talking about how their, “thoughts are prayers are with you” and over and over they keep saying the same thing. Honestly, I don’t think these people care, that just want to make themselves look sincere, meanwhile their works mean nothing. Eventually their faces start to look very punchable.

When someone posts an image or article of something that was released some time ago, or an image saying “I still want to think the 90’s where 10 years ago.” Makes me sad knowing how long ago that was. I was just a kid at the time when all this was happening and think to yourself is, how did time go by like this? But what can you do anyways? jump in the fountain of youth?

I had a request make from a friend to turn him into some communist like dictator for some fake propaganda poster. Been a while since I did something crazy with illustrator, though I don’t consider this crazy, it’s a start for now.

What is wrong with some people? I don’t like it when people make some kind comparison to someone they don’t like to Hitler, because most of the time it’s some kind of over exaggeration. But the way this man is talking and how fanatical his followers are is problematic. We even have neo-nazis showing support.

With Paris fresh in the minds of many, there are people who continue to talk about how all, or most terrorists are muslim, and these claims come from the same people that just hate on them anyways. Though I don’t agree with islam, I know there are at least more then plenty that follow it who are good people, and they will have your back if the time is needed to. There are muslims that will stand up against their extremists, just like how there are christians that will stand up against theirs, and other people will do the same with their own.

Unfortunately there are those who will call others fake, which I can’t do personally, because I can be rude to people that bully and harass others out of their own sense of superiority, but to call another fake for what they believe they are, is at another type of level to me which I don’t want to go for. What i’ve heard that most from are christians, and I’ve had to tell some of those people a number of time, those who call you fake, will do the something with you.

We all know of this situation going on right now, especially after the attack in Paris. There has been news about a refugee crisis coming out of Syria for awhile, and I learned about it earlier this year after the story of a small kid was washed up on a beach. This is a problem I do believe we are in part the reason of happening. Sadly, there is all kind of fear mongering happening again of people trying to leave their homeland that has been demolished and just want to have a better life else where, to be happy.  [ Read More ]