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Water Bushes

I have no idea what kind play this is on the right side of the photo. But it’s big and all over the place, in that very spot.


Nintendo Switch

Yeah, I know I posted a photo of one before but it wasn’t mine, it was my niece’s. Now after so many years of it existing I decided to buy one of my own....


Fifth-Anniversary Collection

After trying to finish this set of limited time tasks for about 2 weeks, I finally did it. What really sucked is that some pokemon you couldn’t find in the wild, but would only...

I Have Insurance 0

I Have Insurance

During my adventure in Santa Monica, I saw some street preachers. And what’s more annoying than them? Well, not a lot but I figured they might not like hearing from something that I’m sure...


Sugar Baby

There is a type of scam that’s been going around for awhile, using social media platforms and money transfer sites and apps. I’ve seen these kind of messages before and always thought it was...



This weekend I did some scouting for an event I’m throwing next month, Black Tie Beach. It’s been a long time since this was done, and I was hoping to get it started up...


5th Anniversary Pikachu

So pokemon go has been playable for 5 years now, and of course there is a special event in game. I’ve caught so many of these pikachus, but I need more to help empower...

What If…? 0

What If…?

A new marvel animated show coming next month. With the season finally of Loki next week and the first season of Bad Batch slowly coming to an end, I need something else to watch...



See all that green, those are plants on top of water. But I’m sure you figured that out already. This place really is like an oasis.