Monthly Archive: April 2021


Emptier Still

So tell me, are you lonely? I was out in Santa Monica today, for reasons, and decided since I’m close enough I’ll hang around the pier and Promenade for a bit. While there I...


Funeral Expenses for the Jackson family

Earlier this week a friend of mine was in an accident with his wife. He was hurt pretty bad, but unfortunately his wife didn’t make it. I know Brandon from going to conventions, but...


Season of Legends

Awhile ago I was given a new set of special tasks in Pokemon Go related to a trio of legendary pokemon in generation 5, the Forces of Nature. the took kind of a while...


Off With Their Head

I was doing this quest in warcraft where you need to bring the head of a Tauren NPC, to this pirate dude, to trick him into thinking you are on his side. But since...


True Family

While on set recently I meet a guy that asked about making something silly for him. Well, this did come by real fast. And I do need something to do. Not really sure what’s...



While playing Warcraft recently on my horde monk, I was taking care of my little farm that I was given. Taken while taking care of some of the chops I planted it did a...

Jordan Klepper – Into The MAGAverse 0

Jordan Klepper – Into The MAGAverse

I watched this special the other day, giving more of a view of what was going on during trump rallies over the last year and how everything led up to the siege at the...


Pile of Wood

Because I can, and yet I have no idea what to do with all this. I mean, do I look like Ben Shapiro? Well, no, but not sure he knows what to do with...


Covid Illustration

Awhile ago I was thinking to myself how much I would like to have my own covid graphic, and make use of it some how. Figure it would be best as a shirt that...


Tornadus – Therian

Caught this guy awhile ago, one of the Forces of Nature in generation 5 of pokemon. But in a different form. This was so hard to catch.