Monthly Archive: May 2021


Got Treats?

As you may know, one of the things I am required to do before I get booked for a show, is take a covid test two days before I’m on set. Last week I...



Another photo from Venice Beach. I do see these birds sometimes while at the beach, and I always thought they were kind of cool. But I don’t think I’ve so many together.


Have a Drink On Me

Photo by Annie H. I was on set today, and one point between scenes I got a hot chocolate. So the guy that put the cream on top and make art out of it...



Caught a new legendary on Pokemon Go, Yveltal, from Generation 6. So many more to go, but as the saying goes, gotta catch ’em all!


Flowers in the Wind

While in Venice, It was windy there. And by that tree trunk stuck in a mound, there was others nearby, but this one had this sticking out.I really don’t understand what this was for...



While in downtown earlier in the month, I just happened to come across a crash with a number of people who were all there for no reason what so ever but to GAWK. Then...

Marvel’s Eternals 0

Marvel’s Eternals

It’s beautiful, It’s just beautiful. I did hear a trailer will be out soon, and I really have no idea what will be going on in this movie but I look forward to seeing.


Welcome Sight

It’s been a long time since I was over by the LA Convention Center. One show I was on this year recorded nearby, and figured at the end of the day I’ll take a...



I was in Venice recently. I went some place in the area for a covid test for a show I’ll be on soon, and decided to head here because it’s been long time. It...


Let it Flow

Been taking a break from warcraft and trying to play some more simple games as of now. Something I often see on facebook are video ads for all these puzzle games, and I keep...