Monthly Archive: April 2021

Shang-Chi Trailer 0

Shang-Chi Trailer

If you know me well enough, you know I’ve always been a fan of superheroes. Shang-Chi is a character I never actually heard of till the movie was announced a few years ago. I...


Final Look

The last photo from my store, after the clean up was done and everything was taken out. It was sad to see it go, but somethings need to come to an end, no matter...


Happier, But Still a Mess

And I will still be one for awhile. But it feels so much better that I am, or believe am fully vaccinated. There is a possibility I’ll need a third one later on because...

How To Be Hopeless 0

How To Be Hopeless

Guess I would say the point of this hour long video from Carlos Maza (yeah, nearly an hour long) is… check your fucking ego! I do that myself, or at least try. I don’t...


The Higher They Fly

I finished another set of special tasks on pokemon go. I always enjoy this kind of stuff because it feels nice to have a slight added challenge because it keeps my mind off of...


Final Batch

From before my store was permanently closed. The last batch of popcorn I made for it. I should have also done video.


Rainbow Walkway

It’s been a long time since I was in West Hollywood. The reason I was in the area was to take a covid test to be on set again, and the testing site was...


New Phone, Who is This?

Something I’ve been needing for a good while. The one I was using before, the battery was draining pretty fast, and for no reason most for the time. I would close up an app...


Hanging On

Haha metaphor to me… But yeah, one of my cats found this little guy and tried to eat it. Would have been a bad move because he would like likely gotten sick from that....


Tell Me I’m Frozen…

But what can I do? Awhile ago it got so cold there was ice on top of plenty of stuff, including cars around. This is SoCal, that kind of things doesn’t happen!