While in downtown earlier in the month, I just happened to come across a crash with a number of people who were all there for no reason what so ever but to GAWK. Then firefighters coming to take care of the scene and one of them was hit by a sniper. Only to learn later on the drone, I mean, security footage was used for an episode of the show, 9-1-1, with Angela Bassett.

What’s funny is during one take, when the cue to duck and run was made and I didn’t react as properly as I felt I should have. And I even remember saying after that “oh no, I think I messed up that shot.” And they used that take for the show! I was also there for two other scenes, one of them happened earlier in the episode if the burnt up car, and the mess left behind being investigated. And the other of the after math of the crash and snipe fire of the area being investigated. It was a good day still.

I also remember there were bystanders walking around being very exited to see Angela, and I don’t blame them. Even heard some people shout “I love you!” to her. Sure that really made her day.

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