Caved to CC

I first started using photoshop and later other Adobe, and some Macromedia programs (before Adobe bought them) in the late 90’s, back when I was still a kid. I got my first copy of photoshop (5 LE) as christmas gift, then later bought a newer version (Elements) for better compatibility for the OS I was using at the time. Later I was gifted again with CS6 and held on to using it as long as possible because I didn’t like the idea of a subscription plan. But I knew someday I would have to buy.

Fast forward to early November, I updated my OS because it was time. Sadly couldn’t use CS6 anymore due to compatibility loss (which I long knew would happen), then downloaded CC as planned. Luckily I had a free month of the software entirely because of the external drive I bought just before, because there was a code that came with it. Then after that month was over it was time to subscribe. It was a nice run, and now my rates have gone up. 😅

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