Small but Mighty

This is a solid state drive, 500 gig to be exact. The reason I have it is to play some games, like World of Warcraft. My computer has built in something called a fusion drive, which is mostly the regular type of hard drive, but a portion of it is a solid state, and it’s to store files most commonly used. Now the different between SSD and HDD is the fact SSD have no moving parts, allowing everything to load way faster.

Warcraft was becoming harder to play because of load times, and the in game art files load in while in game casing plenty of in game lag. So I got this yesterday, plugged it in, put my game files on and it is so much better. And it connects to the thunderbolt port which helps keep it super fast. Now, could I have bought a new internal drive and put it in? yes, but that would have cost more because I would have to also buy some equipment, or have them do it at the apple store, which would have cost even more. So why not go the route that makes my life easier? I wish I got this before.

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