CicLAvia 10.5.14 Photos

Nineteen and a half miles, I rode, on my blades during the event. My feet hurt so much. I really need a new pair of blades but I’m still lacking in money, but if anyone out there wishes to be insanely awesome to me because that would make my life easier. Slightly. And it was so hot, at least there was some nice shady spots along the way, and some what of a breeze.

I started off in Chinatown, made a ride directly down the street to the next branch which had a farmers market along the way. One of the tents had a guy call me over to sample there drinks, Farmers Market Juice. I liked it, but them again I tend to anyways. The next leg of the journey was to was LA to the court house where there was a band playing, spanish language music so I couldn’t understand a thing but they could still play. I have no idea what the band was. So many hills, so much suck going up them, but I did it anyways, because I can. Finally to Echo park where if you are in the right stop you can get a nice shot of downtown. And finally, the last segment back to chinatown. That felt good after it had all ended.

Can’t wait to torment myself in the next one.

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