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CicLAvia 3.22.15 Photos

I didn’t get a chance to get a lot of photos because I also had to goto downtown for something else during the middle of the event. But it was a nice day over all. It was rather cool out at first, a lot of overcast going on and the sun didn’t come out till sometime in the afternoon. Later in the day it came back some and I didn’t think it was all that hot at all during the day, rather surprising for LA, or at least around this time of year.

Oh yes, prizes I picked up on. I got a bottle of something called, Sparkling Ice, type of flavored water, haven’t tried it yet but I do have it still. Coupons to some place called Wahoo’s, and it involves tacos so that’s a good thing to me. I got sticker from a couple of guys from Westssup, and a thing of chapstick from North Hollywood Toyota. Little odd but I’ll take it.

Also to make things better, when I was looking at CicLAvia’s site I saw that there will be 3 more this year.

But before that, lets see what else comes to happen in between.


CivLAvia 12.7.14

The last of the year, and running a new route in south LA. It’s a rather short one, and I do believe I’ve been near where one of the hubs will be, when the shuttle was heading to the science center 2 years ago. This one should be nice out, since it is winter, but then again, this is LA so it can be about 80 degrees during the day. Yes, that does happen here for those of you that aren’t from the area. Now I doubt this will happen, but lets just hope it isn’t raining that day as it has been for the last few days.

Also, I’m hoping I get more photos this time, as I feel I was lacking from the last one in October. Lets just see what happens.


CicLAvia 10.5.14 Photos

Nineteen and a half miles, I rode, on my blades during the event. My feet hurt so much. I really need a new pair of blades but I’m still lacking in money, but if anyone out there wishes to be insanely awesome to me because that would make my life easier. Slightly. And it was so hot, at least there was some nice shady spots along the way, and some what of a breeze.

I started off in Chinatown, made a ride directly down the street to the next branch which had a farmers market along the way. One of the tents had a guy call me over to sample there drinks, Farmers Market Juice. I liked it, but them again I tend to anyways. The next leg of the journey was to was LA to the court house where there was a band playing, spanish language music so I couldn’t understand a thing but they could still play. I have no idea what the band was. So many hills, so much suck going up them, but I did it anyways, because I can. Finally to Echo park where if you are in the right stop you can get a nice shot of downtown. And finally, the last segment back to chinatown. That felt good after it had all ended.

Oh, and this.

Can’t wait to torment myself in the next one.


CicLAVia 6.23.13

Took me longer to post then I thought. So the day started off getting there later then I had originally planned but I made it anyways so all good, and Like the last CicLAvia in april I skated 22 miles. I started off on where Wilshire started in Downtown along Grand and rode to the other end near the Tar Pits where I hung out with another friend who spotted me and hung out for a while. After a while he mentioned that he was hungry and I went with him to find some food and we ended up riding over to San Vicente and just turned back to find something for him along the main route for the event. Ended up finding a Johnny Rockets and left him there because I wanted to get more photos in which I didn’t have much at the time.

Then I started riding back to where I had started and at one point near MacArthur Park I heard some guy playing some instrument, turned around and said he was also playing it while riding his bike. Start skating backwards and taking photos of him and hit another persons bike and fell. Yeah, me of all people, falling, that doesn’t make sense but it happened. I was fine to no surprise because I know how to safely fall with minimal injury. As I finished up my journey back to Downtown I started to notice my wrist was hurting. Don’t think I hit it on anything but was harsh. After hanging around downtown for a while I then headed back to the Fairfax end of the route and made it before the streets opened up again. Stayed for another while longer and let my feet relax because my blades have never been kind to my feet. I need a new pair but an upgrade to what I have would cost at least $250 US but not sure if I should get a new pair of Hockey Blades like I have now or Speed Skates.

Last I went take the bus back to the Red Line and the Metro App on my iPad wasn’t telling me the times on when it would be there so I skated up the street some and saw a bus coming, jumped on and made it back home. Now other stuff that happened, Like always there where venders selling stuff but I noticed a lack people people handing stuff out as a promotion, but there were churches in Koreatown handing out water bottles. I like Korean Christians, I really do, they are often so pleasant. Over all, I didn’t get as many photos as I would of liked but they came out nicely anyways. Oh, and there was a car that accidentally got on the route, but had help getting out at least.

Can’t wait for the next on in October.


CicLAvia 4.21.13

Here they are, my Photos form the day below. Alright here is the story. The day started off at Union Station getting there at around 9:30, before the official start at 10. I met...


CicLAvia 4.21.13

Meant to make this before, but then again I don’t know of much on how to work with it because I can only put so much info on it. form the event page on Facebook.

Sun, surf, and 15 miles of open road will mark the first CicLAvia of 2013, transforming Venice Boulevard and downtown Los Angeles streets into a car-free, linear park for strolling, biking, playing, and exploring the city from a new perspective.Since it began in 2010, CicLAvia has quickly become Los Angeles County’s most popular public event, consistently attracting more than 100,000 participants. CicLAvia is free of charge and open to everyone, from lifelong Angelenos to first-time visitors from around the globe. Leave the motorized transportation methods behind and claim the streets as your own.

CicLAvia – To the Sea will be CicLAvia’s longest route to date, spanning more than 15 miles and connecting the city’s historic center at El Pueblo de Los Angeles and the bustling boardwalk of Venice Beach. Several hubs along this expansive route will offer information and services for participants. CicLAvia – To the Sea offers a rich tour of the city’s history, vibrant neighborhoods, and majestic views of the Pacific Ocean.

Keep coming back to the event page for information and updates.