Come on Out

There is a group I’m in on facebook, where pretty much people post links, stories, memes and other stuff making fun of crazy religious people. So one person posted this image, on the right, asking someone to change the last line to be about coming out of the closest. Well, it’s me so it’s all to easy.

I along with some other people were bugged about the part talking about Jonah being in a fish. Which would more likely be a whale, but even then he wouldn’t have survived. But changed the text to whale anyways because that’s what I remember in the story. Anyways, I found a vector drawing of the wardrobe with a rainbow in back on goggle and used that. Entirely because it the was best image I could find and the only one without a watermark overlay.

We were also asked to put in happy pride some place, and figured I’ll use the colors from the progress flag. This was what I came up with.

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