Does It Fit?

During Wondercon, a friend went over as Prince Charming from Cinderella, and had an idea for a photo. The idea was to have a line of Disney princesses waiting to see if the glass slipper fit on them. I wasn’t there to see this happen, because if I knew this was going to, I so would have got this shot.

But I digress. There was a problem with the photo. The Cinderella was in front, kind of killing the joke. And there was two other people in the background that didn’t need to be there. So he asked if someone can do a little photoshop, take the people in back out, and also remove the Cinderella in front. I just moved her further back in the line because I felt it didn’t seem fair to be completely taking her out of the image.

Sometimes I feel as if I’m a bit rusty, then when I do something again my reaction always seems to be, “nope, I’m still dangerous with this program.”

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