DragonCon ’23 – Day 5

And here it is, the end of it all. It feels bitter sweet that it is because as much as I enjoyed DragonCon, I’m glad it’s over. I’m especially glad there isn’t any more photos to edit because there was so much. Much like last year day 5 mostly had people heading out and some stragglers hanging around to enjoy the day and check out and last deals they can get.

Also much last year there was an after party where people brought in drinks and snacks they don’t want to take home and the rest of us finish it. Turns out it’s called a dump party. And I got to say, the whole con ended amazingly. I’m glad I came down again. The next day I flew home, but not before hanging with some other con goers in the Peach Tree Center and we had shawarma. The last photo from this set, is from that hang out. And what better thing to do is to evoke the Ferris Bueller end credit scene. Thank you DragonCon, I hope to see you again next year.

Also, it was cool seeing some people cosplaying from Superstore. Mostly because I was on the last episode.

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