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Awhile ago I was for some strange reason in the St. Louis area, and some store around there, Cloud 9, was having it’s last day. So I got myself some food making related product, I don’t know what it was and it turns out they were recording an episode of Superstore there.

I’m in the opening scene, where America Ferrera‘s character is walking in and I’m walking out from the other door. I’m the guy in the grey shirt. During one take I was asked to walk out the same door she was coming in from and we both looked at each other like deer in headlights because we didn’t know which side to go around each other from. I never seen the show before, but when I was confirmed to be on I decided to start watching it and said to myself “Why didn’t I start on this before?” Because it’s actually pretty funny. I did three other walkbys but wasn’t in the final cut for the broadcast.

It was actually a really long day, and this wasn’t the first show I was on since the pandemic got out of control. I was on another a couple of weeks before, and I won’t be posting anything on that till after it aires. It’s nice to know filming is happening again, but I have to take covid tests in order to work, both two days before, and a rapid test the morning of.

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