Equality Walkway

So after my trip going up and down some messed up stairs, I went to West Hollywood with my friend to hang with the gays, because we can. While there I saw the newly painted rainbow crosswalk, with the nice new addition that shows it’s support to not only the trans community, but Black Lives Matter. Awhile back when I saw a version of the flag with the added black and brown strip, which I didn’t like it much, then saw a revised version like this and liked it way more.

Because in my mind it doesn’t feel like it’s forcing anything in, but including. Like it’s meant to bring multiple communities together for a common cause, equality. And even though I’m not a part of any of these communities, I still express my support. Because where would we be without them? And how much less exciting would life be without the LGBTQ, black, and brown communities?

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