That awkward moment you are riding the Roller Coaster at the Santa Monica pier, not thinking of much, just wanting to have a good time, and it turns out you are in an episode of the Apple TV+ show, Sugar. Yeah, you won’t be able to see me at all, but I was in fact on that Roller Coaster.

This was a fairly short day and the last scene filmed. I along with other people were booked to either be on the Roller Coaster or the Ferris Wheel. I know what I wanted to do, and As many times as I’ve been on this pier this was my first time on that ride. We got to ride it a number of times too just to make sure they got the right shot, for a very short moment. Even some crew people hopped on because they wanted to. And it helped fill up seats.

Anyways, this is from the season finally but so far I’ve just seen the first episode. I’m still catching up on some other shows so it will be a while for me to finish this but I’ll get there. So far the show is pretty good, but I also heard thee is a mind-blowing crazy thing that you learn about on the episode before. I believe I know what it is because I’m sure I saw something vaguely about it after I was on. Can’t wait to see if I’m right.

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