That awkward moment you are still stuck in the 90’s. But hey, have time to see Motley Crue play a song off their new album at the time, in front of a tower records store, only to discover you are for the last time on the Hulu mini series, Pam and Tommy. Reason I say this was the last time, because this was on the finally.

Yeah, I was booked for this show 5 times, but you only see me in 4 different scenes. For his one when I was given my info on what to wear, I had nothing that worked for the part so when I got to wardrobe I said “I’m supposed to play a Motley Crue fan, but clearly I need help.” Then they gave me an outfit fitting for the time and role.

During the performance the director told us to enjoy the song and as it was going start to look less and less into it. I remember saying to some people “pretend to be disappointed at a Motley Crue song, that shouldn’t be hard” (ok, they have some that are good, like Shout at the Devil). But the thing is, I didn’t think the song was bad at all. I tried to find it but it turns out they made up and new one for this show. I also remember watching Sebastian play between takes and said to him “you look like you’re having fun on those!” and said he is. And he really did learn how to play for this role.

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