First Look at Nintendo Switch

I’m sure everyone has seen this and said, “that’s really cool.” I know I did. What got me what the supposed game storage media. It looks like it’s using some kind of small card, which I figure was going to happen considering how large discs look these days. Something I’ve talked to some people about before is how I believe there should be a return of some cartridge based medium that has a mass of extra space. The reason is because sometimes games need to be patched for bugs that get found after release, or if they want to add some extra content. Like what they do in Smash bros for the WiiU and 3DS, but instead you can download new characters and stages and it will load on to the extra space on the card instead of the hard drive in the system. And for the internal hard drive, it can be used for downloadable games.

But, that’s just what i’m hoping for.

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