That awkward moment you are walking around some homeless encampment around LA for some strange reason, and see an explosion happen to an armored truck just for it to be robbed and it turns out you are in an episode of the CBS show, SWAT, again. I’m on the right side of the screen, just staring.

This was a two day shoot, it rained, and we have some hail. I still remember being told by one the the PAs this scene is supposed to be a sunny day. And some the people going as cops had their uniforms soaked, so they were freezing. Plus the RV on screen isn’t a wasn’t supposed to be there, it belongs to a homeless couple. The reason it was there is they couldn’t get it to start so I guess production decided to leave it to help add to the environment. I think that was the better idea. I think my one issue was the fact my feet were wet and it was cold, but other then that all was good.

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