Drag Story Hour Counter Protest

About a month ago a friend caught wind of some people planning protesting a drag story hour in West Hollywood and there was a call to action to counter protest it. S to me that sounded like fun. There were 3 protesters, and far more us. One guy actually got in the building but was taken outside. After that near problem the drag queen who was about to do the reading came out and thanked us for looking out for them but also suggested to start letting things die down as the event was about to start.

The reason is because if a fight happens then the kids will start to associate the story hour with adults fighting each other and it could make them uncomfortable. But one thing I was bugged with was a couple of people trying to take some kind of leadership role and use it to promote their own activist group. Dude, no. Other than that, I’m glad I went. And any excuse to goto WeHo, always take it.

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