Get Tested

So a few weeks ago I went over by UCLA to do a little hunting, I was looking for former child star turned religious weirdo Kirk Cameron. What was going on this time around with his was his dear friend Ray Comfort found out about the 150th anniversary of the book Origin of Species was coming so they figured out a plan. What happened was Ray wrote a 50 page foreword saying…

“evolution is wrong and you are all going to hell for not believing in god”

…or something of the likes, and then goto a number of universities to hand out free copies of the book. So as the date come I figured one of the universities he would head over to is UCLA because its a big and well known school in the area and he didn’t live to far from it.

book comes out, head over the next day (which was a monday) and start looking around but can’t find him anywhere. after I while I figured he might have been there earlier or will be at another date. so I walked around and took a few photos and got this (see below).

later on when I got back home, I found out he was there the week before and handed out advanced copies. I have the best adventures.

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