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Well, we all have that right.

Now tell me, how would you feel if the same thing happened to you? Now despite the fact I have spoken out and made images about my irritation towards the subject, doesn’t mean I want any kind of ban because I believe that will cause problems for everyone.


The Cycle Needs to End

Yes, I understand Islam is messed up, but so is Christianity. And if you think about it both religions do have a lot in common with each other, and they do both worship the same god. What both groups need to do is get rid of their extremists and they can even work together to do so. Sadly those people that have lost their minds the most don’t even realize that they have done just that.

Advice God 0

Advice God

so awhile ago i came across this link and had a nice little laugh, that lasted a good while. i can see how this would bother some people in the religious community but i’m sure some others in it would laugh to. if you can’t laugh at yourself you shouldn’t laugh at all as they say.


also here is one I made myself


I got a friend in Jesus

A lot of good captions this week, I have nice little cracks at them all. but the one I found myself liking most was from Rose with

Let’s hope that’s the last Jehovah Witness that comes to this door…

which gave me the idea to post this that I took a while back… now, other then the fact this is a Jehovah Witness publication, what is wrong with this?



So sometime next month is the release of the movie Legion, now I’m not a religious person but I’ve always had a fascination with the stories, characters, and the creatures found it them which is in part why this movie comes to my interest.

now on the board I post on about scientology one guy started a topic saying “hey, lets photoshop the poster to make it anon related.” So then I figured why not, see what new tricks I can pull off and came out kind of nicely.