Grandma, You Little Victim…

Some time last month on tiktok someone posted a sketch about how her grandparents started dated and how it was in fact kind of a missed up story. Then a mass of other people stitched the video to share stories of their parents, grandparents, and such. Basically talking about how big of a problem this was and how so many were victims of Stockholm Syndrome. And in some videos people talked about how when their grandmother was on her death bed, she admitted to her children were in fact products of rape.

I figure I should talk about my great grandmother some and something she told me about when she was young, is parents at the time were lied to about something just to discourage their kids from getting a proper education. The claim was, that if your kid goes to high school all they will learn about is how to have sex. Now let’s just give a reminder, it was very common for a much older guy to marry a teenage girl, and the parents were totally cool with it. Now, if you don’t want your kids learning how to have sex, why are you ok with her getting with a much older guy who is just interested in sex with her? And will likely abuse her too. Sadly some parents even since the turn of the century will look the other way on such a thing, because someone tried to pimp her then high school age daughter to a then early 20’s me. Why?

Plus birth control wasn’t much a thing over 100 years go, and some couples had many kids. It’s not about keeping anyone safe from anything, it’s about control.

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