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Today, is another part in what has been a pretty long running series of mine. No, not my photos from Hawaii, which has been going longer, an there is some more coming, but of my fan series for possible tech trees in a playable style of Warcraft 3, if each playable race, along with a few other factions from World of Warcraft could be made. Using the WoW Model Viewer to help with my concepts.

Human | Dwarf | Gnome | Draenei | WorgenOrc | Tauren | Troll | Forsaken | Blood Elf | Goblin
Scourge | Legion | Naga | Old GodsPandaren | Tuskarr | Dracthyr

Today is the Panderen, which then started off as an art piece from Samwise Didier, then became an April Fool’s joke as a new playable race for Warcraft 3 while the game was still in development. The concept was so popular people were asking them to really be put it in game. Eventually it was and made into a hero unit for Warcraft 3. Then a playable race for WoW. Quite the journey all because a friend called him a panda. Now let’s start things off with the worker unit, which as of now I’m calling the Villager, name will likely stick. Pretty sure it will also end up with a hat.


Next are the combat units starting with the Monk, with its name based on the class in WoW. It will be a rough equivalent to the Grunt on the Orc tree, less armor, more health, and less powerful but more rapid attack. Then is the Bowman, just simply an archer, not much else is different, at least for the moment. I will likely end up changing the look of the outfit. And last is the Sentry, a heavily armored unit that will be the tier 3. It will be about as powerful as the Druid of the Claw with the Night Elves.


Moving on to the casters, starting them off with the Priest, just a healer unit like many of the others. Then the Mage, temp name, much like the Sorceress on the Human tree. And last of the group, the Shaman, which I think will be like a mix of the Orc Shaman and the Troll Headhunter.

For the next set of units will be siege, the Panderen might end up with a Ballista or Catapult. I haven’t decided yet but I know I saw some model files in WoW of what their siege weapons would be. Last of their main group of units, the flying, which will be the Cloud Serpent. Entirely because it makes sense to the in game lore. It will also have a rider.

Cloud Serpent

Now for the last group, the hero units. Long before I played WoW, then the Model Viewer, I would also play with the World Editor for Warcraft 3. The hero unit in game, the Brewmaster had an ability called Storm, Earth and Fire, where it would split in three parts and fight together with some different abilities. I figured they should be their own hero units, or anything, and this was also well before the expansion Mists of Pandaria came out. Well things change. Like with the other classes you can choose from in WoW, there are three different types of specializations. One of them, the Brewmaster, already in game, so from here I’m adding the other two. First with the Mistweaver, mainly acting as a healer and buffing friendly units. The Windwalker, meant to act as a fast and heavy damage dealer. And last, a type of armed warrior, the Wardancer, named after a unit from the April Fools joke. I just really liked that name a lot.

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