Great American Eclipse ’24

This is your one week warning of this event, that I believe is huge and I’m very excited for. I asked a bunch of people at wondercon this weekend if they are ready for it. But I also wrongfully said we’ll get about 70% coverage here around LA, but it’s closer to 50 for us. Which by the way, photos from wondercon will start coming online tomorrow.

But back at the subject at hand. If you are anywhere near path of totality, head there. There are sites that will give more info on that. I just hope the weather is right. I don’t know what any popular spots will be with telescopes set up for viewing, anywhere, expect for the Griffith in LA. I would suggest checking out the sites of observatories around. They might help you out more. I’m sure there will also be people meeting up at parks along the path of totality.

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