Hidden Cash

I’m sure those of you that actually come to my site have heard of this. It’s a social experiment some guy is starting and the first place he went to was around the bay area up north and soon I heard he was going to be around LA this weekend. Turns out he started making drops wednesday and will remain here for the weekend. Now he is making drops at some places at beaches around here tonight for everyone to find in the morning, or when ever they can.

the best part of it all is the fact other people around the US also seem to be getting in on this. I would be joining in the search up and down the local beaches but I’ll be in Long Beach for some other event going on that I want to check out. and if you are interested in knowing, here is a clue in a photo. And for the rest of you taking part of the hunt I say good luck, and I ask for you all to play nice.

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