Long Beach Comic Expo ’14

I decided to head down to long back for this event. While many others were at the beach looking for angry bird with money inside (which I’m sure would of been fun) I covered this instead and ran into some friends again, others from before that I would say have now officially met, and hung out with some new people.

Though a small con taking place in a relatively small convention center, there was another con happening at the same time at the same place. Some of the venders also walked around and handed out bottles of their product. The only thing I got really was something called Alkame. Seemed like most other water I’ve had but was nice to drink anyways and helped keep my hydrated. Plus I finished that first before I finished off the water bottle I brought before hand.

Oh, and there was this one girl that keeping seeing me walking back and forth and was thinking to herself something along the lines of, “Who does he look like? I can’t remember the name” then it hit her, Jared Leto. Then she came up to me, talked for a while and asked for a photo. Yeah, of course I’ll join you in a photo, I don’t see why not.

Huh, not a lot to talk about really. Oh well, I still enjoyed myself.

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