Hollywood Carnival ’16

My Saturday was a rather mobile day, but I liked it. I got to Hollywood to cover part of what was the LA Cultural Festival. In the morning was the parade, I found myself taking a shuttle bus from Highland to Hollywood and Vermont where the end of the parade was. Not just any bus, but a double decker, and I got to be on the top level. That was my first time doing so, kind of exciting. I was about to see all the floats for the parade. Lot of music, dancing, color, and people just enjoying themselves. Reminded me of pride, but with far more women in the parade, and not as many spectators, which I thought was surprising. At least on the parts of the route that I saw.

After getting what I could from the parade, I headed to Pasadena for Politicon, because I didn’t realize both events are happening on the same day till it was to late. More on that post when it those photos are online. But early in the evening still, I headed back to Hollywood to get anything else I could from the concert happening on Highland that was part of the entire event going till 9. I was still able to get a nice bound of photos there of the performers and the crowd just enjoying themselves.

Would do again, and hopefully I don’t find myself covering another event the same day next year.

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