I Got It!

So because I’m awful, I wanted to make a funny post out of this using some modified screen shots from the Alien vs. Predator arcade game from the 90’s. Using sprites of this one character looking at the item saying “covid” then picking it up saying “I got it!” which is a real voice line from the game. Too bad I can’t find an emulator the game will work on, so I had to resort to this. A photo of the test I took, which is not as funny.

Anyways, I talked to my friends that I saw on sunday incase I was infected during the weekend. One I gave a ride home to told me she tested negative this morning so that’s good. If I didn’t have it then, I can think of one other place I might have got it, which was going out and picking up food. Let’s just hope it goes away soon because I would love to goto LA Pride this sunday, but I rather not risk infecting others if I’m still positive.

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