DragCon Infiltrator

Sorry for the blurry photos but I had to act fast at the time. The first photo is from the drag story hour I was part of a counter protest with in WeHo last month. This guy was trying to infiltrate it but was caught. I still remember telling him he’s being lied to. Unfortunately someone also punched him that day so that’s going to drive him further into his narrative.

The second photo was taken while talking to a couple of people during dragcon and they noticed a guy being escorted out and couldn’t help to notice how familiar he looked but was only able to get this. I did eventually get his name, Jairo Marquez. He’s still appears young so perhaps we can make him realize he’s being lied to by people taking advantage of him to fight their battles.

And as I’ve constantly said I used to be homophobic as a kid, and it entirely had to do with what I was led to believe. And I also realized those lies also come from those who didn’t want kids like me playing pokemon, heavy metal, or learning about evolution. And then news breaks of vast amount of child abuse in churches, which has likely gone on for at least a dozen centuries. And I’ve read far too many stories from victims of religious leaders.

I would prefer if he doesn’t end up like grifters like Ruben Israel or Harim Uziel. After he was escorted out, he hung out with the street preachers. I have reason to believe this poor kid is going to have a terrible future. I just wish I had some deprograming tricks.

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