It’s a Revolution!

I’m sure everyone heard the news of what happened in Washington DC today. Holy crap did that cause some stress because I had no idea what was going on. But through out the day I came across this video of a woman upset about being maced, or pepper sprayed. I don’t exactly know but usually it’s pepper spray. I know what it’s like to get hit by pepper spray and it is very painful.

I’m pretty sure I was 19 back then and I was walking to a 7/11 near my place at the time to pick up some batteries. On my way back I see these two guys coming up to me claiming they are cops and that they are going to confiscate my weed. I don’t have weed on me, ever, because I’ve never had interest in the stuff. One of them wasn’t even wearing a shirt. One grabs and I told him, “let go of me because I can still hurt you like this!” so he released me. The other ran up and hit me on the right eye.

I ran back to the house I saw them coming out of and the person who lived there asked “what happened?” The reasons why I did, I also knew her, and one of her cousins just happens to be my niece. So she called them asking why they attacked me and that she has no problem having the police sent out their asses because of it. So for someone to cry about being sprayed because they were about to commit what I believe was a federal crime. I was assaulted by morons, so cry more noob!

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