John Christ

If you haven’t heard the news yet, the SAG/AFTRA strike is over. So with that said…

That awkward moment when you somehow got stuck in the future for a short time in some post-apocalyptic world, only to discover you are actually in an episode of the TBS show, Miracle Workers. You can clearly see me on the left side of the image.

I enjoyed being on this show, but one thing in particular I want to talk about is how Daniel Radcliffe is totally cool. From where I was sitting here during this take, but at a different angle a crew person came up to me and noticed a part of my back was getting sunburnt. Daniel, got up to get the medic for me to spray some sunscreen on that part of my back so it wouldn’t get worse.

Then another moment I was sitting like this, camera dolly was being pushed and one of the wheels on it (which was like a bike tire) hits my knee, and my immediate thought was “oh god did I just ruin the shot?” Daniel once again, asked if I’m ok. I told him, “Dude, I’m good.”

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