Yesterday morning I learned an old photography teacher died. In fact he’s the only one I had. In the past I’ve posted I went to Moorpark College and by the time I met him I was already into photography. But there is always room to learn more, and when I finally took a class with him I was already a kind of pretty known photographer in the school. In fact I had some of my work published in the school paper because I was in the journalism class.

I learned a lot from him, and he was a genuinely good guy. This photo is from a Scholarship Ceremony I was asked to cover. Now how this happened was before the school hired an outside person, and I knew the people who were in charge of this stuff and I did say “I think you should hire a student for this. My suggestion is to talk to John, and see who he recommends.” Didn’t take long to get back to me. I have no idea if he suggested me, but I’m going to assume so. But then again, everyone already knew me. This is also the only photo I know of I took of him.

I’ve grown a lot since those days I was in his class, and I’m sure the rest of us have too. And always experiment to see what styles you like. Anyways, always miss you man.

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