LA Cosplay Con ’16 – Photos

It was pretty much a one day con, but was still fun. Getting to Long Beach was kind of annoying. While on my way down from the blue line there was some kind of announcement about how we will have to be dropped out at the Artesia station. Didn’t say why till we got there, and it was that the city of Long Beach had no power, so the trains wound’t be able to get any further. So I ended up just jumping on a LB city bus that pulled up up and decided to take that all the way down. Took awhile still but with luck power was restored.

Any who, While there a coin and stamp show was also taking place in the same building. Not much interaction between both groups of people that I noticed. I checked out a panel with some friends on LGBT cosplayers. There was one person there who is a trans male and his dad was there to show support. He admitted it’s hard on him but rather his son live and be happy. Oh, those feels. Pretty much the rest of the day was about wandering around taking photos. As the day was coming to an end there was an after party in the convention center, a DJ played a bunch of good classic stuff and we ever had a musical performance by one of our fellow cosplayers. And well, she can sing, but she told me about how nervous she was before and we just encouraged her.

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